All of our furniture is made from …. you guessed it Teak which, being a Tropical Hardwood, will last for many years even when left outside in the heat waves and humidity of the summer to the sub zero temperatures in winter our furniture is built to last all weather conditions.

If left untreated, your furniture will gradually fade to an elegant silver-grey colour. Being a natural product, teak is long lasting and hard wearing .Do not be alarmed if cracks may appear , this is a perfectly normal characteristic known as ‘checking’ and will not affect the structural integrity of your furniture. As the moisture in the atmosphere rises, the timber will return to normal.

If an un-weathered appearance is desired, treat your furniture with a suitable good quality wood treatment such as Danish Oil, when using any oil , never apply over accumulated dirt or grime as this will discolour your furniture and may cause blackspots.We advise to let it weather naturally due to low maintenance .
Oil will not prolong the life of teak , its all down to personal reference in terms of retaining the colour.

About once a year, or before using any oil , your furniture should be cleaned. To remove everyday dirt, wash with warm soapy water and stiff scrubbing brush, alternatively carefully pressure wash with a fan nozzle. When dry your furniture should be lightly sanded always sand with the direction of the grain not across it and use very fine sandpaper. Any spillages should be wiped with a dry cloth as soon as they occur. Always ensure bolts are tightened where necessary (Steamers, pool loungers).

Always follow manufacturers guidelines when using stains, oils etc.

Always lift furniture, do not drag.